Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The reason why...

Yes, I know... I haven't posted in months and months. But, my dear friends, there is a reason!

You see, I just didn't feel right posting on my own blog about singality, because my life of singledom is over...

That's right, the massive love-cynic has allowed a man into her life once again.

If you remember, my last post was a video of me just before I went on a date, well, said date has swept me off my feet. So, my dear followers, I am now (and have been for a while, admittedly) in a relationship with a lovely person.

P.S: We DON'T use pet names, just for those who were wondering. No 'babe' in our relationship. Thank. God.

Quick Decision:
I will see if you, my favourite blog readers, still want to keep updated with my un-single life. If not, I shall wait until I am single to post again (because knowing me and relationships, it's bound to be soon!)

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